June 24, 2018

Have You Explored the Benefits of Diversity Certificates?

Have you Explored the Benefits of Diversity Certificates?

by Jennifer Jones, Sales Administrator

We encourage you to explore how Supplier Diversity Certificates could increase your brand’s visibility.

LGBT Owned
Disadvantaged Area/ Zone Operated

If you are one of the above, there could be benefits for you to hold a diversity certificate. Don’t miss out! Supplier Diversity is a business process that works to level the playing field for suppliers. Retailers offer Diverse Supplier programs to promote trade participation of suppliers that is reflective of the diverse US population. Some programs include deep discounts on promotions or even no fees because of the certificate.

Suppliers of minority population segments, including those who are women and who represent non-majority ethnic groups and sexual orientation receive a fairer opportunity for inclusion when these initiatives are offered. Diverse suppliers also contribute product diversity, which attracts minority consumers whose purchase power drives over $3 Trillion into the U.S. retail industry, annually.

Retailers identify Diverse Suppliers through certified vendor databases. Certification is a necessary step for non-majority owned businesses hoping to attract the attention of large companies’ supplier diversity programs.

Find out if you qualify as a Diverse Supplier, and how to get certified. See more details in our Supplier Diversity Certificates presentation here.

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