July 16, 2018

3 Tips for Boosting Creative Output

Ever had a situation where you and/or your team needed to operate better and generate creative ideas and solutions flowed more easily?

Watch: 3 Tips for More Creativity

You will learn what radical empathy, Frankenstein and stopping your brainstorming have in common.

Ryan Pintado-Vertner is the founder of Smoketown Strategy & Innovation, a consulting firm that maximizes the potential of brands and social enterprises by helping them have more impact and create better products. As a fifth generation innovator and strategist with a very successful track record, Ryan has joined the FMI Emerge community as a mentor who seeks to help emerging brands change the world. In this short video, he discusses three important tips for entrepreneurs and innovators seeking creativity.

Enjoy the video! http://bit.ly/3TipsforCreativity

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