October 1, 2018

Understanding Brokers with Bruce Nierenberg

Wondering how to build a strong broker network? Want to be a better partner to brokers? FMI Emerge mentor Bruce Nierenberg has got you covered.

Bruce differentiates the different types of brokers (which he refers to as “independent sales agents”) – including limited vs. full-service and national vs. regional brokers. He also explains how to know if and when you need a broker, how to identify the right one, how to lay down the terms with them, and ultimately how to work well with them once you’ve become partners.

As Bruce explains, the services that independent sales agents (or brokers) can provide you include merchandising, data analysis & competitive info, relationships, industry experts, and product feedback.

“You need to buy in on them, and they need to buy in on you.”

Enjoy the presentation here! https://bit.ly/2M0NNI1

Bruce Nierenberg is a Sales Coach at B.I.N. Partners LLC, a company that provides sales & marketing, go-to-market, food broker, and growth capital services to specialty, natural, organic, and green food & beverage products. As the founder of two companies and with 30+ years of experience in the organic and natural food industry, Bruce has joined the FMI Emerge community as a mentor who seeks to help emerging brands get to the next level. In this video, he explains how to best partner with brokers.

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