October 30, 2018

Wafflepreneur Values FMI Emerge

Start Right Foods

My partner Kyle Rood and I knew we had a great product – nutritious, easy-to-prepare frozen waffles – but we were having trouble figuring out how to turn what we thought was a brilliant idea into a real business.

We were fortunate to connect with FMI Emerge because, in the brief time we’ve been working with the FMI Emerge team, they and the people they have led us to have really helped us move Start Right to the next level. The Emerge staff and the connections we have made are now extensions of our small but mighty team.

First, we were able to talk through our situation with Emerge mentors who helped us understand that we still needed financing to improve our business processes, production, and distribution. With the help of Emerge, we have built a significant network of investors and mentors in distribution and marketing to help us continue our growth.

Next came some good advice on fulfillment support that has allowed us to at least break the ice on our e-commerce platform.

Most importantly though, with Emerge’s help, we have landed distribution deals with several retail outlets that can give us exposure in the region where we think our nutritious frozen waffle products can be a big hit. We’re now in stores in seven Midwestern states, and that includes the Hy-Vee chain!

We know we still have a long way to go, and we don’t have a huge staff…yet…but we feel like everybody that FMI Emerge has led us to is part of our team now and a great business resource for us.

Thank you Emerge!

Clint Matthews, Wafflepreneur & co-founder, Start Right Foods