February 4, 2019

FMI Emerge Subscriber Benefit from IRI

Because we know the value of actionable insights from consumer sales data, we have teamed up with IRI and other leaders in consumer data to help navigate through consumer sales insights.

Here are the details on the benefit from IRI.  As an FMI Emerge subscriber, you will have access to:

  • IRI insights on the Emerge private site, periodic education from IRI experts
  • IRI Starter Market Measurement and Basket reports* which include:
    • One free Point of Sale (POS) report (UPC in rows, Measures in Columns)
      • Client to select Region, State or Market level report
      • Client to select IRI syndicated subcategory for UPC reporting (either all category UPCs Latest 52 weeks v. Year Ago, or Top 200 per category UPC)
      • Standard POS measures with 10 Digit UPC, Category Name, Sub-Category Name, Parent Company Name, Manufacturer Name, Major Brand Name and Brand Name
      • 50% discount on first purchase of retailer data (RMA report) – limited to new clients only, release of data is subject to retailer pre-approval with certain retailers
    • One free Panel Purchase Trend Report (Brands in rows, Measures in Columns)
      • Client to pick up to 10 product items (Category to Brand level, no aggregates & subject to buyer count availability)
      • Last 52 weeks, 10 measures with periodicity (year ago, % change year ago, if available), Total US
      • The 10 measures include: % HH Buying, Dollars per Buyer, Dollars per Trip, Product Trips per Buyer, % of Buyers 2x+ Buyers, Purchase Cycle -Xactions Avg, %Dollar Any Deal, %Dollar Manufacturer Coupon, %Dollar Trade Deal, In Basket Dollars per Trip (total of up to 30 columns, with periodicity would double)
    • A scheduled phone consultation to discuss your specific brand data needs directly with IRI where you can include a valued FMI Emerge advisor prior to receiving the reports, to ensure your report selections are appropriate.
    • In addition, IRI will also offer:
      • Discounted access to IRI Training Website, called eSuite for Training
      • One Geo-demographic Training Overview (1-hr conference call with your company leadership) where you’ll learn about current capabilities in household targeting that allows new/emerging companies to compete by focusing on most valuable markets:
        • What is Geo-demographic data
        • What are the key insights you receive
        • How you can use these insights to grow your business
      • Discount on IRI’s annual Summit with industry leaders and latest innovations in market insights
      • Access to IRI’s commercial Thought Leadership website
    • To get started, FMI Emerge subscribers will receive an email to schedule your initial phone consultation.
    • After you receive your complimentary IRI market measurement and basket reports, you can discuss with IRI and your advisors a recommendation for an IRI report schedule that can propel your sales forward with actionable insights into market measurement and consumer behavior data.

Please note: if you are a manufacturer of natural and organic products, the initial phone consultation needs to include a representative with SPiNS, who needs to give IRI permission to provide the complimentary reports.