Striving for More Shelf Space

Join the emerging brands community connecting you with mentors, retailers and investors to increase grocery retail distribution, grow revenue, sales velocity and ultimately secure more shelf space.

An annual FMI Emerge subscription allows up to four company team members from emerging brands to:

  • Utilize the complimentary mentor network.
  • Learn from lesson content and curated, third-party content.
  • Gain exposure to the investor community.


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Is Your Brand Ready for the Next Level?

Take the 5-minute FMI Emerge Company Sales Assessment. 

You’ll gain an initial review of how your company is doing, and identify areas of opportunity to help your brand reach grocery retail distribution.


Once you’re finished, download the “10 Critical Steps to Food Retail Distribution Success”.


A Community for Emerging Brands, Retailers, Investors and Industry Experts

Whether you’re an emerging brand, a retailer, an industry expert or an investor, we invite you to join our community. Team up with industry leading experts and start building healthy trading partner relationships to strengthen the grocery retail industry, together.

FMI Emerge’s value stems from its education content, mentoring and investment options.


Exclusive access to courses, lessons, and resources from our leading industry experts


Connect with colleagues, mentors and other emerging brands to share experience, resources, and other insights


Be discovered by investors, explore financial options to help your brand succeed. Partner with distributors, suppliers, manufacturers, CPG retailers and industry leaders who are looking for products like yours.


Develop relationships with mentors, industry experts, and peers to draw on their years of experience to help support your growth.

Mentoring for All Emerging Brands

From beverages to baby care, ethnic foods to snacks, dairy alternatives to alternative sweeteners, you’ll find a community of experts willing to help you navigate to more shelf space.


FMI Emerge mentors have the whole community covered with a full range of experiences.


You’ll find mentors with origins in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies, specialty foods, beverages and more. Our mentors have a wide knowledge of distribution models – direct sales, large and small distributors, wholesalers and brokers.


You’ll be able to connect with angel investors, private equity and venture capitalists and strategic investors from larger brands.