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Like mustard and ketchup, salt and pepper, the grocery retail industry succeeds when we all work together. FMI Emerge convenes everyone in one place – emerging brands boasting a wide range of products, the industry’s leading experts, regional and nationwide retailers, and investors looking for new opportunities.

Growing a new products business is hard to do alone. Access the people and resources you need to grow sustainably and expand your distribution, operations, financing and sales. Increase revenue, velocity, and secure more shelf space through a yearly subscription with FMI Emerge.

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Mentors Matter

How “local” can a Whole Foods Market buy? What are Kroger’s buying priorities? What’s the best way to approach a buyer in my category? What kind of promotions does Wegmans expect? Should I approach Costco and the club channel? How do I adapt my supply chain to accommodate my new e-commerce plans? What food safety plans should I have in place?


FMI Emerge has answers! We’ve gathered industry experts and leaders who can lend invaluable advice to your growth journey and leverage their networks to give exclusive opportunities to help your brand gain more shelf space.


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  • Greg A.

    Natural Foods Broker

    Helps brands understand the organic and natural food service channel, and the role of a food service broker.

  • Moe A.

    Category Management for a Major Distribution Company

    Helps brands develop sales and distribution strategies.

  • Allison B.

    New Product Discovery Expert

    Advises small brands on developing their pitch to retail buyers, and scaling production.

  • Amaris B.

    Food Brand Storytelling Expert

    Offers food and beverage brands advisement on communications and branding strategy.

  • Bob B.

    Natural Products Consultant

    Industry leader in bringing natural, organic and specialty products to market.

  • Bryan B.

    Sales & Broker Relations Advisor

    Expertise in Sales Management and Broker Support.

  • Elliot B.

    Growth & Ominichannel Strategist

    A leader in growing emerging food and beverage brands, with investment readiness and go-to-market strategies.

  • Jim B.

    Customer Development Executive

    Offers executive level expertise in broker and sales management, along with distribution advisement.

  • Kelly B.

    Sales & Business Development Advisor

    Provides coaching on various market strategies including specialty, conventional, club, and food service.

  • Meg B.

    Social-Impact Entrepreneur

    Coaches brands on fine-tuning their current business practices for greater success.

  • Stephanie B.

    B2B Marketing Executive

    Marketing Retail Strategy and Branding Expert. Advises brands with smaller budgets how to optimize marketing plans for ROI.

  • Cambria C.

    Amazon & Business Strategist

    Advises on Amazon best practices and strategies to help brands grow their business.

  • Susan B.

    Go-to-Market Strategist

    Helps brands develop successful, meaningful, and impactful retailer partnerships.

  • Chuck C.

    Strategic Growth Advisor

    Advises companies in all growth stages on trademarks, packaging, contracts, and finance.

  • Jerry C.

    Sales Management Expert

    Advises on sales management and broker relations. Shares insights on supply chain and distribution. Expertise in Fresh.

  • Randal C.

    B2B Expert and Food Influencer

    Shares years of industry B2B experience. Assists food brands in getting set up on RangeMe Verified, Smart Label and their own LinkedIn Company Page

  • Tim C.

    Executive Marketing Expert

    Specializes in CPG business development, distribution, product development, social media marketing.

  • Joe D.

    Food Industry Standards & Policy Expert

    Expert in organic and sustainable agriculture systems, food labeling and certification.

  • Jennifer E.

    Natural Foods Sales Veteran

    Offers expertise in sales management, and retailer and broker relationships.

  • Elizabeth F.

    Category Management

    Shares expert advise in contract and negotiations, category management,
    advertising/marketing and promotion.

  • Julia F.

    Business & Investment Advisor

    Advises brands on investing, business development and  strategic planning.

  • Mark F.

    Food & Beverage Marketing Expert

    Partners with food and beverage clients to build brand awareness and increase market share.

  • Randy F.

    Financial Investments & Growth Advisor

    Expertise in growing companies nationally & internationally.

  • Betsy G.

    Sales Consulting & Sales Management

    Advises in Sales Management, Broker Management, Distribution, Promotions, Channel & Trade Strategy.

  • Mark G.

    Emerging Brands Business Advisor

    CPG Retail Executive, Entrepreneur & Strategic Advisor.

  • Edward H.

    Leading Food & Beverage Expert

    Partners with entrepreneurs, emerging companies and category challengers across all channels.

  • Fred H.

    Creative Branding Expert

    Designer and storyteller who partners with brands to develop and market their company and product “why”.

  • Jake H.

    Sales & Marketing Advisor

    Shares expertise in sustainable packaging design.

  • Mike H.

    Marketing & Private Brands Sales Expert

    Offers advisement on strategy and business development in domestic and international markets.

  • Andrew I.

    Food Innovation Expert

    Entrepreneurial strategist focused on food innovation, acceleration, investment advisement.

  • Ken J.

    Holistic Planning Strategist

    Industry veteran offering strategic planning advisement on sales, marketing and merchandising.

  • Jennifer K.

    Digital & eCommerce Strategist

    Helps brands with storytelling across digital and social media advertising. Amazon sales expert.

  • Keith K.

    Financial Advisor

    SBA Loan and Debt Financing Specialist, Financing Advisory and Education, Gluten-Free Industry Specialist & Speaker.

  • Raj K.

    Marketing & Branding Strategist

    Helps emerging brands with messaging, influencer marketing, and social media campaigns.

  • Daniel L.

    Strategic Advisor, Organic & CPG

    Expertise in teaching brands what retailers really want, and how to expand their shelf space.

  • Kimberly L.

    Food Service Sales & Procurement

    Offers expertise in food service B2B practices. Specializes in ready-to-eat/drink products.

  • Joan M.

    Marketing & Business Development Strategist

    Offers expertise in brand building and retailer relationships with emphasis on specialty products across all categories.

  • Katie M.

    Brand Strategist

    Natural foods brand strategist. Can advise on many industry topics.

  • Mathis M.

    Brand & Strategy Advisor

    Advises on overall growth, executive branding campaigns & business development.

  • Michael M.

    Brand Strategy Expert

    Advises emerging brands on raising capital and building revenue.

  • Scott M.

    Omnichannel Marketing Strategist

    eCommerce expert who designs large-scale, strategic multi-channel campaigns that generate brand awareness.

  • Terry M.

    Sales & Go-to-Market Strategist

    Expertise in sales strategy and management. Has worked for years growing and structuring sales teams, and developing go-to-market strategies for brands.

  • Will M.

    Supply Chain Management Advisor

    Shares extensive experience in ingredients sourcing, labeling, and co-packer selection.

  • Bruce N.

    Finance & Investment Expert

    35 years experience working with natural and organic foods brands. Specializes in sales strategies and broker relationships.

  • Patrick N.

    Branding & Marketing Strategist

    Brand, Marketing and Business Strategist, committed to building brands’ awareness and increasing market share.

  • Matt O.

    Business Development & Growth Advisor

    Specializes in business development and growth strategy for emerging and CPG brands.

  • Laurie P.

    Loans & Financing Expert

    Expertise in helping emerging brands understand SBA Loan pros and cons, and how to secure an SBA Loan.

  • Dianna R.

    Strategy & Brand Development

    Strategic thinker with a love for helping emerging brands develop cohesive consumer experiences.

  • Kevin R.

    Marketing & Branding Expert

    Share his expertise on everything from  packaging and product innovation to digital and social media strategy.

  • Bob S.

    Brand Development Advisor

    Consults with food and beverage brands on how best to scale and grow their overall business.

  • Jeremy S.

    Business & Branding Strategist

    Industry expert, offering advisement on  broker representation and marketing and branding strategy.

  • John S.

    Sales & Marketing Expert

    Shares over 35 years of sales strategy and broker relations development.

  • Kyle S.

    eCommerce & Digital Branding Expert

    Advises emerging brands on eCommerce, digital, SEO and Voice search.

  • Scott S.

    Analytics & Strategy Expert

    Helps brands with their sales strategy and pitching to investors.

  • Andrew T.

    Logistics Advisor

    Consults with brands on fulfillment strategy and execution.

  • Daniel T.

    Business Development & Supply Chain Strategist

    Advises brands on strategies to drive revenue growth in new and existing markets.

  • Leigh T.

    Distribution & Loyalty Programs Expert

    Expertise in digital, coupon, and influencer marketing, along with distribution and fulfillment.

  • Frederic V.

    Business Development Strategist

    Shares executive-level sales and growth expertise. Creative at finding new revenue opportunities and increasing revenue growth in complex, conceptual, and consultative sales processes.

  • Ryan V.

    Social Impact Branding Expert

    Helps passionate brands and social enterprises have more impact and create better products.

  • Bob W.

    Marketing & Branding Advisor

    Brand and business strategist. Agency leader. Content marketing expert.

  • Kelly W.

    Supply Chain & Packaging Advisor

    Shares expertise in product packaging design and sustainability.

  • Molly W.

    Consumer Products Growth Expert

    Helps management teams build the consumer brands of the future.

Connecting Industry Experts as Mentors

Advice is plentiful in the FMI Emerge community. Emerging brands learn alongside peers and interact with industry experts through different courses, webinars and online discussion groups. Initial consultations with mentors are offered at no charge to emerging brands. Plenty of questions are answered and relevant experiences shared.

Join in as a mentor, investor or sponsor.