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Change is happening in the grocery retail industry at a rapid pace.

In fact, it’s likely to transform more in the next decade than it has over the last 50 years.

FMI Emerge is poised to place you ahead of that curve to help your brand succeed and to stay current with trends so you can meet consumer demands as quickly as they’re changing.

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FMI Emerge is a growing program with a wealth of information from industry leading experts and retailers, so you can expect to see new courses, lessons, and other materials added all the time.


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Coming Monday, August 20th! Emerge Bytes podcast series featuring  FMI’s very own Mark Baum, CCO & SVP, Industry Relations. Mark reflects on his path of experience in grocery retail and his enthusiasm for the power of the FMI Emerge mentor community to be a catalyst for success for emerging food brands, as they gain shelf space. Subscribe today to download this full interview!


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To show you a sample of the content you will find in the subscription-based community, we have made Lesson 1 of the FMI Fundamentals Course available to you for free, for a limited time.

If you like Lesson 1,  you will really like all that is waiting for you inside.

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